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Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving our corporate purpose, Brewing for a better today and tomorrow, we implement a comprehensive sustainable development program called "Together Towards Zero and Beyond", with specific and measurable goals.

At the same time, we support local communities, taking care of those most in need, through targeted initiatives for the common good. Therefore, we constantly support the work of social groceries and social care centers for socially and economically vulnerable groups throughout Greece, while we actively participate in the great social work of the NGOs, like "The Smile of the Child", ELEPAP, "Floga", “Praksis”, “Penteli Convalescent Center” etc.

Additionally, implementing a targeted program for more “green & clean neighborhoods” with our LPB, FIX Hellas, we actively contributed to the renovation of two parks, in cooperation with the City of Athens through the Athens Partnership and the “Adopt your city” program. We gave back to the residents and visitors of Athens three totally reconstructed "green oasis": The historical FIX Park, in Patissia area, the historical Park Perivolaki, in Koukaki area and the Sofia Vembo square, in Ambelokipi area.

Every day, we seek ways to become better, brewing for a better today and tomorrow.